Attaboy Dog Behaviorist Leah Bauer will come to your business, school, service group or other venue and teach your group how to get the dog you have always wanted. Understand your dog’s behavior so that you can establish leadership in your home, communicate better with your dog and understand what your dog needs in order to be truly happy and fulfilled.

One Hour Behavior Seminar
This lesson goes over the basics of dog behavior; why dogs do the things they do, why problem behaviors develop and how to stop them once they have started. The lesson will concentrate on becoming your dog’s Pack Leader, socialization, applying the three things your dog needs to be emotionally balanced and the importance of daily exercise.

The One Hour Behavior Seminar fee is $150 plus cost of handouts. There is a transportation fee to certain areas.




Three Hour Behavior Seminar
The Three Behavior Seminar covers everything addressed in the One Hour Behavior Seminar, but goes much more in-depth into understanding a dog’s behavior and applying that information. With prior approval, dogs may be brought to the Three Hour Behavior Seminar to illustrate handling and correction techniques taught at the seminar.

The Three Hour Behavior Seminar fee is $250 plus $3 per booklet. It is recommended that everyone in attendance receive a booklet. There is a transportation fee to certain areas.

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Dog Behavior

Client Quote

“There is NO monetary value I could put on the difference in my dog.”

- Mary Stackhouse, Nipomo

More Client Quotes

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
- M. Gandhi