Dogs do not experience the world the same way we do. While it is true that some dogs may have been practicing unbalanced behavior until now, they do not dwell on the past or worry about the future. Dogs live in the moment. They are willing to change their behavior starting TODAY. Problem Behavior Consults give you the tools to make those changes and get the dog you have always wanted.

Any issue may be addressed at a Problem Behavior Consult, no matter how severe or how long the dog has been displaying the problem behavior.


The lesson will address issues like:

  • Becoming your dog’s Pack Leader
  • How to correct the problem behaviors you are dealing with
  • The importance of daily exercise
  • Establishing rules
  • When to give rewards and affection
  • Applying the three things your dog needs to be emotionally balanced and socialization

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Dog Behavior

Client Quote

“We used to call Belle ‘the Piranha’… Now we can enjoy her because we trust her.”

- Linda Ortiz

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Dogs are willing to change their behavior starting TODAY!