Bringing a new dog home is such an exciting time! Perhaps you have noticed your new canine companion has developed some bad habits in its previous home, or maybe you want to make sure you know what you are doing from the moment the new dog arrives so that you never develop problem behaviors.

Either way, a New Dog Consult will help ease the transition and set up a healthy pack structure so that your new dog will become happy, balanced and secure.


Any issue may be addressed at a New Dog Consult, but the lesson will concentrate on:

  • Introducing your new dog to its new family and surroundings
  • Becoming your new dog’s Pack Leader
  • Socialization
  • Applying the three things your dog needs to be emotionally balanced
  • The importance of daily exercise
  • Housebreaking and crate training

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Dog Behavior

Client Quote

“We were so glad you were able to come over and work with Sampson right away.”

- Matt and Melissa Coleman

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The first days you spend with your new dog are important ones. Start off on the right foot!