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“Leah Bauer's Atta Boy service and training program gave us the positive start we needed with our dog, a three-year-old Chihuahua named Penny who just appeared on our doorstep on Christmas day. We had no real dog experience and no idea what Penny's life or training had been like before. Leah's expertise, professionalism and years of hands-on experience with dogs really shone through from day one. The methods she uses did more than just train us and our dog; they gave us insight into the way Penny's mind works, which helps us on a daily basis to understand how she interprets our actions, and therefore how we need to treat her. Furthermore, the training was customized to our needs – Leah spent time getting to know our dog and talking with us before coming up with the right combination of techniques to make our situation work best for us all. The end result is a calm, friendly, loving and fun dog who easily fits into our life and our home – a continuing value that far exceeds the initial cost of the Atta Boy program. We can recommend Leah Bauer's dog training services whole heartedly and without reservation.”

Gene Paul and Annie

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“I first called Leah because my Labrador Retriever was out of control and I needed some major help. Maple was extremely hyperactive and destructive. When I met with Leah I soon came to the realization that I needed to establish dominance as a pack leader. Now I walk Maple with a doggie backpack every day for at least thirty minutes which has helped create a positive relationship between the two of us. I also "ground" Maple throughout the day to remind her of who’s in charge. With consistency she’s a lot more manageable and less destructive. It's working for us. Thanks Leah, you’re a life saver!!!”

L. Alhanati

“If I didn't meet Leah, we probably would not still have our dog Venus. Venus is an adorable pit bull mix. Though cute, she really wanted to be the boss. My experience with dogs in the past had never been this challenging; I definitely did not know what I was doing. I didn't realize how much she was dominating our whole house! As a young pup she started to get aggressive. With Leah's advice and training Venus is now a calm & submissive dog. She's integral part of our pack, but now knows where she belongs. I am so proud to walk down the street with her… my dog is always the well behaved one!”

“Thank you Leah , we couldn't have done it without you!”

Amanda Brown

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“One training session with Leah changed my life and took 30-50% of my physical pain away. You see, my service dog, a pit bull puppy named Kiki, pulled on her leash all the time. I need her to pull it as part of her "job"; when she pulls the wheel chair, grocery cart and trash cans to the curb. But the everyday walking with her pulling was excruciating to my arms which is my major disability. Leah taught us about canine behavior and walked Kiki for maybe 5 minutes. Kiki realized I was in charge and she liked it that way. Within minutes of my change in attitude Kiki changed too.”

“Leah also suggested we buy a new collar and a backpack for Kiki to carry constantly as my "purse". With the new back pack she knows she is working, looks more professional and has become an ambassador for her breed. I no longer have pain from carrying my purse (you don't think about how much you are putting on your shoulders until you put it on your puppy's back!).”

“There is NO monetary value that I could put on the difference in my dog (and myself) in working with Leah. She has changed the way I feel about myself and my dog. She also changed the way I was making Kiki feel and how that influenced how she acts and interacts. I am proud to take her out with me and have the confidence that she will act responsibly in every situation.”

Mary Stackhouse

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“I have had dogs my entire life. Two years ago I received my first Great Dane, Dudley. One year later, Zeevon was added to the family. This is where my trouble began. I thought they were doing just fine. They didn’t jump, bite or attack. They both excelled in puppy classes. Then I did the unthinkable, I hosted a dinner party. My guests were drooled over, begged at, whined at and constantly nudged for more affection. I was beyond embarrassed. My dogs owned my house and now everybody knew it!”

“Now what was I to do? Basic obedience classes I knew would not help this in-home domination. They could already sit, lie down and come (ok, sometimes they would come). Then I remembered a card tucked neatly into my purse from a young woman I met at the dog park whose dogs were ‘in training’. Usually all dogs just run around and go crazy at the park, but not these dogs. They went down and stayed with the slightest ‘shhhh’ of this tiny young woman named Leah. And by the way, they were Pit Bulls!”

“So, I called Leah Bauer. In the next two hours, she taught me how to take my home and sanity back. She taught me techniques to handle my huge Great Danes (130lbs and 150 lbs) with calmness and authority. There were simple, no nonsense solutions that worked each and every time I used them. Her passing comments after this transformation were simply, “Practice this constantly and you can call me at anytime with questions.” Each time I spoke with her she reminded me of any basics I had forgotten and praised me for my accomplishments. I knew she was always in my corner.”

“Several months later we still have our challenges, as all dog owners will have, but now I am proud to have dinner guests. I take my dogs with me to daily outings and I receive respect and admiration for my perfect ‘gentle giants’. They are wonderful members of my family and community. Thanks Leah!”

Lisa Campolmi, President (SLO 4 Pups)


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