Attaboy offers private obedience classes for clients who wish for more one-on-one attention than a typical class setting can provide. Obedience lessons will focus on teaching your dog to sit, lay down, stand, heel, come and other basic commands. In addition to beginning obedience, other topics covered include:

  • Fundamental dog behavior
  • Canine first aid
  • Safety basics
  • Grooming



The Private Obedience Class may be tailored to address specifically challenging or difficult issues your dog may have.

Private Obedience Classes include 6 lessons to be completed in no more than 8 weeks and are scheduled individually. Classes run approximately one hour per session and are held at a location mutually convenient for both the client and the instructor. The Private Obedience Class fee is $450. There is a transportation fee to certain areas.

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Dog Behavior

Client Quote

“I am so proud to walk down the street with her… my dog is always the well behaved one.”

- Amanda Brown

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Private Obedience Classes are tailored to fit you and your dog’s specific needs.