Attaboy offers private Behavior Consults for dogs with issues that will typically not be addressed in an obedience class. Understanding your dog’s behavior will help you establish leadership in your home, communicate better with your dog and understand what your dog needs in order to be truly happy and fulfilled. Behavior is the foundation to developing a great relationship with your dog.

Any issue may be addressed in a Behavior Consult, but more common problems include:

  • Aggression (towards family members, strangers, dogs or other animals)
  • Anxiety
  • Barking
  • Destructiveness
  • Fear
  • Housebreaking
  • Hyperactivity

Behavior Consults are scheduled individually and are usually held at the client’s home. All household members are encouraged to attend.


Behavior Consults last approximately 3 hours for the first dog and one half hour for each additional dog. The consult fee is $150 for the first dog, and $40 for each additional dog. There is a transportation fee to certain areas.

Puppy Consult
This consult is tailored for the new puppy owner. Learn what your puppy needs to grow up to be a happy and balanced dog.

New Dog Consult
Congratulations on your new addition to your pack! Begin your relationship with your new dog on the right track.

Problem Behavior Consult
Yes, ALL dogs can learn new tricks. Learn one-on-one how to correct problem behaviors and nurture the dog you have always wanted.

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Dog Behavior

Client Quote

“The information was clearly presented and very helpful.”

- Colette Barnes

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Learn what your dog needs in order to be truly happy and fulfilled.